“I just wanted to reach out to both of you to compliment the team you assigned to our project at the Spectrum News building at 316 E. Morehead Street.

Mike Capuano was a great project manager from start to finish.  He made himself very available throughout the entire project including some very long weekly conference calls.  When things got down to the wire he was responsible for getting things done by our deadline.  With the number of people we had to move around the state to accommodate the power shutdown, getting the project done on the scheduled weekend was critically important and very much appreciated.

I can’t say enough good things about Richard Simpson.  He personally guided this project from the start of the work all the way to completion.  There were lots of snags along the way but he always found the best way to work around any issues.  When it came down to the wire at the end, Richard was here from early in the morning to late at night making sure we stayed on target.  His 40+ years of experience were very evident when working with him.  I don’t think it’s possible to rattle this man, whether it was an inspector that was asking him to fix things he had nothing to do with or a drawing that didn’t make any sense, Richard just rolled through it and got the job done.  He is absolutely first class all around.

Jeff Snipes came into the project late but he was as critical as anyone.  He took on the job of wiring up the UPS cabinets which was no small task.  He also didn’t leave until the job was done, which meant he worked some crazy hours on the last few days of the project.  Thanks to he and Richard working from 6am to 9pm on Saturday, the UPS cabinets were ready for commissioning on Sunday morning which was critical in us getting all our systems back up and running on time Sunday night.

There were a lot of other workers that came and went during the scope of the project but the guys I saw the most of were Donnie, Justin and Michael.  These men worked their tails off day in and day out.  I never heard a word of complaint out of them and they always seemed to have a positive attitude.  I work with a lot of people their age and that is a trait that is pretty hard to find.  Even when they found out they had lost their Memorial Day holiday due to the looming deadline, they put their heads down and got to work.  All three of these guys were great representatives of your company and it was a pleasure having them on the job site.

So thanks to you both for the great team you assembled for our project.


Jim Travers | Engineering Manager, Spectrum News

” I really enjoyed working with Interstate Electric at our Celgard-Concord project. The Electrical scope of work was so critical to the project’s success. It was awesome to have a partner, that we had complete faith in, driving that vital element of the work. I would recommend Mike, Frank, David and their crew to anyone.

“My first project with IEC was in the summer of 1983…and currently today! Interstate Electric has been consistent in their project delivery including; competitive pricing, effective project management, schedule and budget control, excellent workmanship, commitment to project safety, and the highest regard for honest and fair business practices. I value my relationships with the IEC staff and look forward to working with them on future projects